Detox teas, appetite suppressant lollipops, juice cleanses — you’ve probably seen celebrities endorsing these so-called detoxes, diets and “lifestyles” on social media. It’s somewhat normal for influencers and celebrities to sell us stuff that we don’t need (that doesn’t work) in the pursuit of thinness. After all, when we’re constantly being told that thin equals healthy and beautiful, we will literally do anything to lose weight no matter what. Going on a strict diet, or restricting food heavily by doing a detox, is often seen as a form of strength. …

We’re finally starting to see different bodies on screen, hurrah! Here’s a list of shows I’ve watched and loved over the last few years, in no particular order (cos how could I choose?) There’s probably more so please do let me know your recommendations in the comments.

I’ve avoided spoilers best I can, so dive in!


Written by the badass internet troll-eating Lindy West, this is one of those fun little Portland comedy shows where everyone’s uber-cool and drinks coffee, but it’s a very real, modern story of living in a fat body. It’s full of feel-good fuzzy stuff, especially…

At primary school in the late ’80s, I had free school dinners. There’s no way to avoid feeling exposed when you’re one of the few kids clutching a special token who isn’t allowed to join the normal queue. I patiently waited my turn, after most of the other kids had got their meals, hoping I could still get a wedge of pizza and green custard for dessert. This was one of the first experiences I had of not being ‘normal’, which made me a target for teasing. That, and being fat.

From a young age, I knew that my body…

The government recently announced that they’ll be pushing an anti-obesity campaign under the guise of helping people “slim down” in case of a second wave of COVID-19.

They’re at it again, talking about fat people using words like “obesity epidemic” and “war on obesity”. This needs to stop. Everything they’ve done to tackle obesity so far isn’t working, in fact it’s only making matters worse. We’ve been living through a pandemic, and they think they can now “help” fat people by declaring war on us.

A trainee counsellor’s perspective

By Mel Ciavucco

I’ve worked in a counselling organisation for over seven years, five years of which as the office manager. I was taken on as a temporary receptionist and I told the manager at the time that I thought I might be interested in training to be a counsellor in the future. He told me I was way too young… I was almost 30. Every time the idea of training popped into my head, I pushed it aside. …

TW: suicide, rape. Contains spoilers.

Back when the Netflix drama, 13 Reasons Why, was released, I got a tad obsessed and wrote two blog posts, one following each season (which you can read here and here). The first post was picked up by Radio Five Live and BBC Two for the Victoria Derbyshire show — my exciting TV debut! They were doing a short segment about the “controversial” suicide scene at the end of Season One, with somebody from the Samaritans, a head teacher and me as a “fan of the show”. I didn’t want to disagree with the other…

Trigger warning — violence/violence against women and strong language

Conservative MP, Mark Field, recently grabbed a female protester by the neck at a swanky event. The video jarred me, just the sheer look of rage on his face. I knew that was the face so many women had seen before in the faces of so many other men.

He said he “instinctively” grabbed her and pushed her as she may have been armed. She was a Greenpeace protester — what was she going to be armed with, a stick of celery? It isn’t “instinctive” to grab a woman in an…

If you haven’t seen the beautifully painted bodies of the Naked Beach hosts, get yourself on All 4 and catch up now. The show follows three new contestants each week, all with different body image difficulties, as they go and hang out with a bunch of gorgeously diverse, naked body positive heroes. This, my friends, is how you bring body image to the forefront, and I couldn’t be happier!

Naked Beach was devised by body image and mental health advocate Natasha Devon and Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths University of London. It’s based on research that shows seeing diverse naked…

Are you a normal-sized person? Congratulations! I guess you want to know what to do about all these disgusting fat people being a strain on the world’s resources? Well, read on my friend. And thank you for being a normal-sized person who cares about fat people, you’re truly very special and should feel lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

Did you know that a child gets eaten by a fat person every two minutes?

Did you know that obesity costs the NHS twenty billionygozilliony pounds every minute?

So what can we do about it? Tweet Cosmo to complain about Tess Holliday…

I made a body positive video in my underwear and then freaked out.

I call myself body positive, but I feel like a total fraud. I make videos and write stuff about body image and self-esteem, but I’ve just spent 20 minutes crying because of my stomach fat. This isn’t a new thing — I know my stomach is fat. It’s always been that way. I’ve never been thin so seeing my stomach in a video shouldn’t be shocking, but it still is.

My video involved me having some “fun” with some “suck-it-all-in” pants. A well-known brand is Spanx, but…

Mel Ciavucco

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